Our Team

Megan Tucker
Co-owner and CEO Internal of Flowline, LLC

With a background in computer technology – including computer graphics, digital image enhancement, computer automated design, and computer automated machinery – Megan began building websites and optimizing them for search engines over five years ago. Read more …

William Tucker
Co-owner and CEO External of Flowline, LLC

Originally trained as a civil engineer, William has over two decades of experience in management, business analysis, statistic analysis, strategy, consultation, establishment, market research, construction management, security, counseling, and human resources. Read more …

Account Manager, Copy Writer, and Social Media Specialist

Robin has been working online since the earliest days of the Internet. As one of the original editors of the now somewhat legendary Open Directory Project, Robin was moderating and approving business directory submissions, as well as coding her own websites, long before many of us had even heard of email. Read more …

Senior Web Developer and Programmer

Over the last six years, Hery has developed a wide range of websites using HMTL, XHTML, PHP, and MySQL, including websites for small and large businesses and other organizations. Hery has managed and developed websites for a variety of industries. Read more …

Design and Marketing Specialist

After landing her first design job at the age of 19, Jaclyn’s career evolved from simple design projects into a comprehensive marketing role that lends itself to almost any line of business. While completing her bachelor’s degree in graphic design, Jaclyn obtained her first job as a junior designer. This opportunity gave her the head-start she needed to break into a competitive industry; she graduated with 4 years of professional experience under her belt. Read more …


Senior Administrative Assistant

Marvin has been using computers since he was 6 years old – at a time when there was no Microsoft Windows, only DOS. A university graduate with a diploma in Computer Hardware Servicing, Marvin has expanded his technological expertise over the years, and now has experience in a wide variety of computer technologies. Read more …