Terms & Conditions

General Terms

  1. For the purpose of these terms and conditions, the definition of the “Client” is the individual who has hired Flowline to undertake a project and who is remitting payment to Flowline, LLC (Flowline) directly for said project, or an individual assigned in writing by the original Client to give billing authorization and to manage his project on his behalf.
  2. Requests are handled in the order they are received. For simple requests, this is usually within 1-2 business days of receipt of both the request itself and all relevant information needed to execute the request.
  3. Flowline reserves the right to accept or reject projects proposed or requested by Clients or prospective Clients, for any reason, including but not limited to matters of ethics.
  4. Nothing written on this website constitutes any promise or guarantee as to which service(s) will be delivered to a particular Client or during a particular project. Individual agreements are made in writing for individual projects.
  5. Flowline, LLC is not liable for or obligated by any agreements, promises, guarantees, or other statements made by third parties.  By “third parties” is meant individuals, subcontractors,  organizations, or sister companies, who are not themselves members of Flowline LLC.
  6. Flowline team members communicate internally regarding Client project so as to accomplish said projects. All other communications related to projects occur between Flowline and the Client.  Flowline does not accept requests to communicate with others or with multiple parties, either regarding the Client’s project, or on behalf of the Client.
  7. The Client will be expected to provide access to relevant accounts so that Flowline can perform its functions smoothly. If the Client fails to provide said access, services may be impeded or halted. The failure to provide access to relevant accounts may add time to a project, at the expense of the Client.
  8. The Client is responsible for forwarding information that is required by Flowline, upon request, in order for a project to be completed.
  9. In the course of project execution, Flowline may require information be sent by the Client in the form of documents and files. Where these documents or files are in a format which is not universally supported or which requires a special computer or application to be opened, Flowline reserves the right to require that these documents be resent in a format deemed acceptable by Flowline. Examples of acceptable file formats are Microsoft Word documents, Notepad text files, Adobe PDF files, Image files with extensions such as .psd, .png, .jpeg, .gif, and others.
  10. While Flowline does offer live phone consultation on SEO or general marketing, as an individual service in its own right, questions regarding invoices,  payments, programming, code, or technical aspects of web development, should be asked in writing by email, and will be answered in writing, normally within one to two business days.
  11. Flowline does not engage in collaborative projects with outside developers or teams.
  12. Due to the nature of the internet, websites and related services are delivered as-is, with no guarantees, express or implied, as to future performance or results. A website shall be functional and its software shall be up-to-date at the time of delivery. Future updates may be required and the Client may arrange these at his own discretion.

Payment Terms

  1. The Client may be required to pay for third-party services related to his website(s) such as webhosting, domain registration, etc.
  2. Unless otherwise stated and agreed to in writing by Flowline, full or partial payments are made up front, and work is begun once initial payment has been received.
  3. For projects scheduled to take longer than two weeks, weekly or monthly progress payments may be scheduled, and work will progress as payments are received. Delayed payments may result in a project being put on hold.
  4. Where flat rates are applied to projects, the exact scope and details of the project will be agreed upon in writing before work on the project begins.
  5. Additional features or services requested after a flat-rate project begins should be documented in written form, along with the updated payment terms. (In some cases, an additional fee will be applied.)
  6. In those cases where full payment has not been made in advance, the balance will be invoiced as work progresses, or upon project completion.  Invoices are due upon receipt.
  7. As a courtesy to our Clients, we allow 10 days for checks to arrive by mail.  Overdue invoice notifications are sent when payment has not arrived within 10 days.
  8. Where payments are past 30 days overdue, an interest charge of 2% per month may be applied.  Additional late fees may apply. (This only applies where services are delivered before payment is received.)
  9. Where hourly rates are used, billing is done in increments of at least 15 minutes per request.
  10. Where a client provides incomplete or incorrect information related to a request, Flowline may bill for the additional time needed obtain full and accurate information from the client.
  11. Website code, relevant files, and login information to websites and related accounts is forwarded to the Client after the final payment is made.
  12. In the case of overdue payments, we reserve the right to retain administrative control of domains, websites and blogs, and/or to retain source files and passwords until after final payment is received, and/or to temporarily disable or disconnect from the Internet any domain, website or blog developed by us, for which payment is in default beyond 30 days, until such time as the delinquent account is paid in full.
  13. (Conditional) If and when applicable, the Client may wish to receive special or upgraded services which incur additional expenses. The Client will pay Flowline for expenses incurred while this agreement exists, but only with the former agreement of the Client. Examples of additional expenses which may be incurred include special licenses, website software, special features, independent design, graphics, featured listings, upgraded listings in certain directories, paid advertising, special website software, affiliate accounts, and/or distribution to paid Press Release syndication websites.  All of the above will be fully optional and such expenses are only incurred at the Client’s discretion.
  14. At it’s discretion, Flowline may elect to offer free quotes or estimates to new or returning Clients, when the time required to make such estimates is under two hours. Flowline does not guarantee or promise free estimates or site analyses. Unless otherwise specifically stated by Flowline, all requests by Client which require work to be done by Flowline are billable requests.  Billing authorization is needed before such requests are executed.
  15. Estimates for the hours required to complete a project are not promises or guarantees.
  16. In order to avoid possible confusions, questions or communications related to invoicing and payment are in writing (normally by email).
  17. Flowline LLC agrees to deliver services paid for.  If for any reason Flowline LLC adjudicates it is unable to deliver services paid for, Flowline may, at its own discretion, deliver a refund.  Flowline LLC does not guarantee any refunds unless Flowline LLC itself adjudicates it is unable to deliver services paid for.

Payment Methods

  1. Payment by is accepted by Paypal transfer (preferred) or by check.
  2. Payment is accepted by credit card, on request. Additional terms may apply.