Email Marketing Services

Email marketing is a wildly popular and economical way to advertise in today’s digital society. Almost 300 million Americans have a personal email account, and that’s just in the USA. Many of those actually receive their email on a mobile phone, making it possible for you to reach them anywhere, at any time. It’s no surprise that email marketing is such an attractive avenue for advertising.

Since email is so widely used and easily accessible, it is one of the fastest ways to reach your customer base. While a magazine ad might take months to publish and circulate, an email is instant.  It’s not uncommon to start receiving customer feedback or online sales within minutes of sending! If your business has not yet tried this potent marketing tool, we advise you to give it a shot.  Perhaps you don’t have the time or the practical skills to create your own HTML emails?  That’s where Flowline comes in.

Some of the email marketing services that Flowline can perform for your business include:

  • Planning and managing a cohesive email marketing campaign
  • HTML email design and coding
  • Research and writing of email subject matter
  • Periodical sending of email blasts
  • Setup and training for email list management system

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