Press Release Marketing

Press releases are a vastly underrated form of promotion. Many of your company highlights can be worked into interesting and engaging press releases that are submitted to any number of local or industry publications. The editors routinely read and publish press releases that might appeal to readers. Although not every article is published, every one that does go into print is virtually free advertising to thousands of potential customers. Moreover, press releases are a great tool to use in internet marketing. Informational articles are a valuable component to search engine optimization efforts, and many websites appreciate your article submissions to build their own content.  Within a few months, a single press release may be published and re-published across the web, promoting your company with very little effort on your part.

Many of our clients have no idea just how newsworthy their company activities can be. Any event, competition, achievement, or major change can warrant an article that the public may find valuable. Flowline has experience writing and submitting press releases for any type of subject matter. A few of the ways we can assist you with your press release campaigns include:

  • Writing press releases that are interesting and accurate
  • Designing and compiling an informational press kit
  • Researching a list of local and national editors to receive your press releases
  • Formatting and submitting your press releases to publications
  • Submitting your press release material to relevant sites across the internet to bring more traffic to your website

Contact us to find out more about how Press Release marketing can help you business.