Ultra Pure Botanicals

Ultra Pure Botanicals

Founded in 2012, Ultra Pure Botanicals® was born out of a simple vision, and a dedicated purpose.

“Our first aim was to create a line of safe, natural, and nontoxic personal care products, free of harmful synthetic chemicals. We only use carefully hand-selected ingredients, which we would (and do) trust for use within our own families and households. We also know it’s not enough for a product to be safe; it should be effective! Our purpose is to develop products that truly work, without tradeoffs in terms of safety and long-term health.

Our second aim was to integrate the incredible properties of Double Helix Water®, a product we all have personal experience with, within our personal care products. Therefore, our products are infused with hundreds of thousands of nanocrystals (stable water clusters), made from pure H2O, and prepared with the most advanced water treatment technology on earth. The results? We’ll let them speak for themselves.

For over seven years now, Ultra Pure Botanicals personal care products have been used throughout the United States and overseas, with customers routinely coming back for more. We ourselves have often been surprised by the successes and feedback we’ve heard! It has only encouraged us to keep doing more. While we have recently produced a new line of products, our original products continue to be sold throughout the USA and Europe.

Our story is simple. We believe in purity. High quality, effective skin care. Natural, nontoxic, and free of harmful synthetic chemicals.

Feel the difference!”