Website Features

This page contains information on the basic features that are included with nearly every website or blog we install. These features are included wherever applicable, providing they are compatible with your web host and current versions of any software being used on your site, and providing the necessary information has been provided. They are available for websites which are installed using WordPress – which is what we recommend for almost all of our clients.

Admin Area

Your website comes with a professional admin area and a central control area known as a dashboard. This is your “back office,” where you can make changes, adjust settings, and administer your site. Once the setup of your site is complete, we will give you login information so that you can enter your dashboard area whenever you need to, in order to update or modify your site.

Full Subscription Setup

Your blog will be set up with a full subscription service, so that your visitors can choose to be notified whenever you post on your blog. They can choose to be notified by email, or by RSS (RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication).

Flowline’s Proprietary Customer Reviews Feature

Allows your customers and clients to leave reviews of your services directly on your website. To see an example of this feature in action, you can view our own reviews page at

Automatic Database Backup

A backup file of your website or blog’s database (which contains most of the content of the website) can be set up to be sent to you regularly by email.

Comment Moderation

You will have the option to moderate all comments that are left on your site. This means that when a visitor leaves a comment, you can chose to approve or disapprove it, before it is published.


Your site will be programmed to detect spam comments and protect you from them. You will have the option to view these comments, if you like, in order to verify that they are spam. (Usually spam comments are marked as such by your site, but occasionally a valid comment is labeled as spam, in which case you will have the option to manually approve it for posting.)

Broken Link Checker

A broken link checker will be installed, which will notify you on your dashboard when it detects on your website a broken link (a link leading nowhere, which can occur due to typographical errors or because the page that the link leads to has been moved). Any time you log on, you will be able to see any broken links detected and repair them rapidly and easily.

Web Stats and Analytics

Your website’s traffic and statistics will be tracked by popular and well-established web analytics and analysis tools so that you can see how much traffic you are getting, where your traffic is coming from, keywords used to find your website, and more.

Automatic Sitemap Generator

Your website will be set up to generate and automatically update its own XML sitemap (which is essentially a list of website pages in a format that can be read by search engines, enabling them to index your pages more easily).

Sitemap Submission

Your sitemap will be submitted to Google so that your pages can be found and easily indexed by Google’s Search Engine.

Social Networking Integration

At the bottom of each blog post, a small button or group of buttons can appear which allows your visitors to easily share your content with others, by email or by using social networks and social bookmarking sites. (This is optional and may not apply to some designs).

Subscribe to Comments

When a visitor comments on one of your blog posts, this feature allows them to subscribe, in order to be informed by email whenever a new comment is made on that post.

Search Engine Optimization

Your site will be optimized for Search Engines in the following manner:

  • Each post will have meta data created automatically. This helps your content be found more easily when internet users search for related terms online. This meta data includes your post title, description, and keywords. You will also have the option of manually entering your own title, description, and keywords, or your site will create it for you automatically based on the titles and content of your posts.
  • Automatic tagging. When we have a list of keywords related to your blog’s subject matter, we can set your blog up to automatically add those keywords to your posts whenever the same words occur within the body of the text. The keywords can be added both as tags (visible to the visitor in some designs) and meta keywords (only visible to some Search Engines and used for SEO).
  • Your blog will be programmed to notify, or “ping” numerous other blog-related websites whenever you publish a new post. This helps you to get more traffic to your blog.
  • Additional SEO features will be configured. These might be difficult to understand (and possibly uninteresting) for clients with limited technical knowledge in this field. If you would like further information, please contact us.

Additional Features As Applicable

Dependent on the nature of your business or website, we may choose to install additional features which we deem appropriate and useful for your website and your industry.

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